Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All Sorts of GREEN Up in Here!

The simplicity of a St. Patrick's Day theme appeals to me. Green and Shamrocks. It's easy but yet there are so many possibilities. This year the kids and I made little sachets for each of their teachers. These were made out of soft (VERY soft - I love this fabric) organic, green cotton. We cut the shamrocks, sewed on a monogram applique for each teacher, and then sewed and stuffed them. We put a little squirt of lavender oil on the stuffing. The results weren't quite as beautiful as I had envisioned - but it was fun and they smell great! I will make a simple one for myself to keep with my linens.

Next - I made simple shamrock applique t-shirts for each of my kids out of a bright green bandanna. They are so simple but very festive and they were both excited to wear them to preschool today. My daughter got a matching bow to boot!

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