Thursday, May 28, 2009

Because you have to look the part...

Our family went to The Renaissance Festival last weekend. Each child got to pick out a souvenir. My daughter picked a tiny little carved treasure chest that she got to fill with colored stones. My five year old son picked a bow and arrow (a toy one - the arrow tips are erasers...which -by the way - would be very easy to make). When we got home he declared that he needed a Robin Hood hat and a quiver to go with it. For those of you who (like me) aren't completely up on your bow and arrow lingo - a quiver is a carrier for the arrows.

So - after much discussion of the shape of the hat, and some resizing due to by son's huge headbrain, I whipped up the requested hat and quiver. I love that I even had a red feather on hand. See... being crafty pays off. ;)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reinvention Tuesday!

I've been reading this blog: Reinvented... she has cool thrifty, decorating ideas and on Tuesdays invites readers to participate and post links to their recent projects. This week she showed a couple things they did for her teenage daughters room. So - in that spirit, I'll show a couple thrifty projects I've done lately in the bedrooms:

This was a quick and easy solution in my daughter's room (thankfully not yet a teenager ;)). Her books were overflowing from her existing shelves - so I got a couple wooden crates, spray painted (my husband has joked that if you don't want something spray-painted, don't leave it around me) and added some little jewels! Didn't cost much, gives her easy access to choose books - and looks cute.

This is a glimpse of one of her walls. I actually did this a couple years ago. This is an old mirror, painted and hung with a ribbon, and old lamp shade decorated with fabric and trim to match her bedding and window dressings (which my mother made for her). I LOVE the pink and brown theme.

From my closet: A CHEAPO way to store my costume jewelry. One cork board and a bunch of little hooks. Now, my stuff is no longer tangled and thrown in drawers.

This little peg/shelf was purchased for 50cents at a yard sale last week. It was all beat up with chipped paint and some sort of country themed-heart and birds on it (I should have taken a before picture - it was really ugly). But some black spray paint and then some silver and pink paint for the cherry blossoms (I was just playing, I'm not an artist as you'll notice) and it now holds a bunch of scarves and belts that were laying on a shelf and always a mess. I LOVE a quick project like this that helps me feel more organized!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

These Walls Do Talk!

Those of you with young children know that it is hard to find a place for all the artwork that makes its way into your home. I know at our house, my husband and I struggle with what to display, what to tuck away and save, and what to just pitch (because, let's face it, we can't save it ALL).

A couple years ago I had the developed this idea of making easily changeable frames in my son's room to switch out some of the constant influx of masterpieces that he brings home from preschool. I started with just empty frames on the wall in which I would clip (or tape) the pictures. However, I recently added cork boards into the frames which made a huge difference. They appear much more "finished" now and it is so easy to change out the art work. Plus, they really add a fun touch to his room!

I got the frames and little letters at Michaels and spray painted them to match his room. You could also buy plain black or white frames and skip the lettering for a little bit more "sophisticated" look.

There are many doodles/quicky drawings that don't make it into the frames - we save the frames for the special pieces. I love the pride and the smile that shines on my son's face when he walks in and notices I have displayed a new picture!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Made with Dishtowels!

I made my mother an "artist tote" for Mother's Day. She paints and is taking a class in the fall - so I wanted her to have a fun bag to take to class with her. I like how it turned out - although - I think I could've/should've made it a little bigger. But it is definitely big enough to carry a couple pads of paper and supplies - so I think it will be fine. And my mom liked it a lot! :)

And then, for my sisters (which I actually made first to practice) I did little clutches or "night out" purses. These are fun little handbags to carry your cell, some lipstick, etc. in - not your everyday mommy bags. ;) I used this tutorial... which was very helpful and they turned out great!

So, I've had a couple of fun weeks doing non-kid projects... but I feel some kiddie crafts coming on. Stay tuned!

The Boudoir Completed

Here are a couple more pictures of the completed bed re-do. I love the way it brightened up the room (our old comforter was a dark green with gold and Burgundy/red tones) and I didn't have to change the wall color or anything other than the bedding. The best part? I think I spent about $50? Maybe $75. I made the duvet cover out of a pair of "clearance" king size sheets and a beautiful shower curtain I found at TJ Maxx. Plus, the shower curtain was big enough that I made matching shams and then used half of it for a shower curtain in our master bath (and standing stall size) - so we're nice and coordinated up in here. And the sheets are 500 count I think - so nice and soft. The pictures on the wall are new enlarged images of pics I took but the frames we had. The pillows on the bed are a mixture of some I made and some we had.

The new duvet cover is currently being put to the test by being washed and dried. Someone pee'd the bed. I won't name names. It wasn't me. Or my husband. Or Brother. Or Mighty Boy. Ahem.

Anyway - spring time is a great time for freshening up the house! Loving it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More decor

This past weekend I sewed a new duvet cover for our master bedroom and I'm working on pillows. Duvet covers are harder than I anticipated! It's the SIZE of it. Trying to keep it all straight. Oh my goodness. I do love how it turned's a sneak peak picture. I'll post a picture of the room once I have it all done.

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