Thursday, May 14, 2009

These Walls Do Talk!

Those of you with young children know that it is hard to find a place for all the artwork that makes its way into your home. I know at our house, my husband and I struggle with what to display, what to tuck away and save, and what to just pitch (because, let's face it, we can't save it ALL).

A couple years ago I had the developed this idea of making easily changeable frames in my son's room to switch out some of the constant influx of masterpieces that he brings home from preschool. I started with just empty frames on the wall in which I would clip (or tape) the pictures. However, I recently added cork boards into the frames which made a huge difference. They appear much more "finished" now and it is so easy to change out the art work. Plus, they really add a fun touch to his room!

I got the frames and little letters at Michaels and spray painted them to match his room. You could also buy plain black or white frames and skip the lettering for a little bit more "sophisticated" look.

There are many doodles/quicky drawings that don't make it into the frames - we save the frames for the special pieces. I love the pride and the smile that shines on my son's face when he walks in and notices I have displayed a new picture!

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