Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Reinvention Tuesday!

I've been reading this blog: Reinvented... she has cool thrifty, decorating ideas and on Tuesdays invites readers to participate and post links to their recent projects. This week she showed a couple things they did for her teenage daughters room. So - in that spirit, I'll show a couple thrifty projects I've done lately in the bedrooms:

This was a quick and easy solution in my daughter's room (thankfully not yet a teenager ;)). Her books were overflowing from her existing shelves - so I got a couple wooden crates, spray painted (my husband has joked that if you don't want something spray-painted, don't leave it around me) and added some little jewels! Didn't cost much, gives her easy access to choose books - and looks cute.

This is a glimpse of one of her walls. I actually did this a couple years ago. This is an old mirror, painted and hung with a ribbon, and old lamp shade decorated with fabric and trim to match her bedding and window dressings (which my mother made for her). I LOVE the pink and brown theme.

From my closet: A CHEAPO way to store my costume jewelry. One cork board and a bunch of little hooks. Now, my stuff is no longer tangled and thrown in drawers.

This little peg/shelf was purchased for 50cents at a yard sale last week. It was all beat up with chipped paint and some sort of country themed-heart and birds on it (I should have taken a before picture - it was really ugly). But some black spray paint and then some silver and pink paint for the cherry blossoms (I was just playing, I'm not an artist as you'll notice) and it now holds a bunch of scarves and belts that were laying on a shelf and always a mess. I LOVE a quick project like this that helps me feel more organized!


  1. Great projects! I especially love the lampshade. It is just darling!

  2. Great reinventions! I love your daughter's room, the pink and brown is so cute, and you'll find that you can never have enough book storage!

  3. What great transformations. I especially love the mirror and fabric on the lampshade. My daughter does the same thing with her jewelry. They say~ Like Mother, Like Daughter! Please visit my blog and check out some of my reinventions by scrolling and browsing my blog for a while. If you like what you see, be sure to click on the "Follow" button on the right hand column so that we can inspire one another often!


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