Monday, May 11, 2009

The Boudoir Completed

Here are a couple more pictures of the completed bed re-do. I love the way it brightened up the room (our old comforter was a dark green with gold and Burgundy/red tones) and I didn't have to change the wall color or anything other than the bedding. The best part? I think I spent about $50? Maybe $75. I made the duvet cover out of a pair of "clearance" king size sheets and a beautiful shower curtain I found at TJ Maxx. Plus, the shower curtain was big enough that I made matching shams and then used half of it for a shower curtain in our master bath (and standing stall size) - so we're nice and coordinated up in here. And the sheets are 500 count I think - so nice and soft. The pictures on the wall are new enlarged images of pics I took but the frames we had. The pillows on the bed are a mixture of some I made and some we had.

The new duvet cover is currently being put to the test by being washed and dried. Someone pee'd the bed. I won't name names. It wasn't me. Or my husband. Or Brother. Or Mighty Boy. Ahem.

Anyway - spring time is a great time for freshening up the house! Loving it.

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  1. Very pretty! I love those colors (also love TJ Maxx.) I'm impressed with your sewing skills! I want to redo our den. We kind of have the old hunter green/gold theme that's kind of stuck in the 90s. ;)


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