Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Made with Dishtowels!

I made my mother an "artist tote" for Mother's Day. She paints and is taking a class in the fall - so I wanted her to have a fun bag to take to class with her. I like how it turned out - although - I think I could've/should've made it a little bigger. But it is definitely big enough to carry a couple pads of paper and supplies - so I think it will be fine. And my mom liked it a lot! :)

And then, for my sisters (which I actually made first to practice) I did little clutches or "night out" purses. These are fun little handbags to carry your cell, some lipstick, etc. in - not your everyday mommy bags. ;) I used this tutorial... which was very helpful and they turned out great!

So, I've had a couple of fun weeks doing non-kid projects... but I feel some kiddie crafts coming on. Stay tuned!


  1. The tote you made your mom is tres cute!

  2. Love all of the totes but especially the last one!


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