Thursday, April 30, 2009

A quick Before and After

Editing to Link up to a Goodwill Party Post! Scroll down to the old banguet chair!

I've been doing some improvements to my work area (I mainly work here... but am organizing and making changes that will allow me to do more of my sewing and craft stuff up here too - as opposed to the dining room table). Here are some pics of what I did this week. I've had fun - but, like all projects, the starting is more fun that the finishing for some reason.

An old filing cabinet in the garage. Ugly.

A $3.99 chair from the Goodwill store. Ugly.

The space - I know this looks like a holy mess... but I had pulled everything out of it's place and had a huge pile of fabric scraps, etc.

Ta-Da! - My little workspace. I just use a laptop, so I will be able to easily move it and set up my sewing machine. So far - I'm loving it! Note the chair and filing cabinet - so much better, huh?!


  1. Look at you being all creative and thrifty!

  2. Yes! That is an AWESOME makeover. I love what you did with that plain-jane banquet chair!

  3. Wow, those look amazing now! Love the black and white with the splash of red. Beautiful!

  4. Fantastic! I LOVE the color scheme, one of my favorites! That chair is simply fabulous, I'll be looking for a chair just like that now! Thanks for linking up!

  5. I love the red filing cabinet. The chair DOES NOT look anything like the before picture - Love it!

  6. look at you and your crafty, recyclable, organized self. I love it!!!

  7. oooh! love it. seriously. super cute!

  8. Oh adorable is your work space! Love the make-over.


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