Friday, June 5, 2009

Cute, cheap and easy

This little piece was inspired by another blog I read -BUT I CAN'T REMEMBER WHICH ONE! So -please - if you recognize it - let me know and I'll link up to you! I did, of course, put my own spin on it and it turned out different but the concept is not my own. I think I maybe spent $2 on this? I got the T (first letter of our last name) at the Dollar Store and then used materials and things I had around the house for the rest of it (in fact, the back is a piece of hard cardboard-type-stuff that came in the packaging of something recently. I planned to hang it on the front door (which is black and I thought it would look good) but my husband diplomatically vetoed the idea. C'est la vie. So - I placed it on a little shelf in our dining room. And I actually like it there better... I think the front door probably needs something a little more substantial if we put anything there.
So - what do you think? Does it look cute and decorative or like one of my kids brought home a project from school? I'm hoping the former... but sometimes after working on a project it's hard to look at it objectively. Kind of like eating your own cooking.

Experimenting here... I didn't end up using the small black frame - just the fabric and glass.

The finished project:

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