Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I guess it's a spice rack...

So - on my outing to buy the heaviest things at the Goodwill Outlet last week - I got this. I'm not sure what it was. But it is such nice solid wood that I knew I'd have a use for it after I made it prettier.

I just had to clean it up, paint it white, and add some decorative paper to the back. I modpodged the paper so that if it does get dirty being in the kitchen I'll be able to wipe it clean. I actually painted it by hand with kitchen and bathroom trim paint that is supposed to be hearty and wipe clean well. It sounds very well planned - but actually I didn't have any white spray paint on hand so I just used what I had. I love how it turned out and I put all my little spices that I use almost daily in there instead of balancing them on my stove (see picture below). The other problem is the stacked dishes on top of the cabinets. I dealt with that too.

Here is a close-up of my pretty new spice box rack thingy.

I also bought some baskets that day that were on sale at - of course - Michael's to store my platters, dishes, fondue pots, etc. that were stacked on the cabinets. The finishing cute-but-useful touch were the little silver frames that are next to each basket. I bought these a few weeks ago on clearance at Michael's for pennies a piece. I painted the little cardboard inside with chalkboard paint and labeled what is in each basket so that I don't have to go searching up high when I need something.

Here's a better view of the finished product:

So, next up is to add some hardware to the cabinets. AND - does anyone have a good idea how to non-permanently but strongly attach that little rack to the back splash there? I have used TONS on the 3M mounting strips that are supposed to hold things permanently but they aren't working. My husband thinks we need to go ahead and drill into the wall - but I kind of hate to do that because we're probably going to be selling this house in less than a year. Any suggestions are very welcome! Thank you!

Click here for some more great second-hand treasures.

Also - Just found a new site that is very cute! Joining her Creative Cats Party - check it out!


  1. I dont have any suggestions sorry, but a definite pat on the back for brilliance! I love it!

  2. That is way clever!! I love how you think!! The baskets are a nice touch too. I would agree with your hubby and drill holes in the wall:) Thanks for the link!! You are so talented!
    ~Andy @ Poppies at play

  3. Girl, I think you should definitely do a book or collection of all things thrifted! I have that Junk Market Style book....your ideas are way cuter!! :) And sorry, no help from me, I would drill!

  4. I love the new spice rack! nice job!

  5. Nice job. How about brackets of some kind? Oh, wait, that would still require drilling holes. Hmmm... Maybe hanging from cabinet above?


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