Thursday, August 13, 2009

Toddler Birthday Outfit

Busy days around our house. Our first child is heading to Kindergarten tomorrow! So - I've gotten to spend the last week hanging out with him (he's usually at Pre-K as I work full-time) and supply shopping and getting ready! He wanted to sleep with his new backpack on last night. So sweet.

My crafty ways have been for the most part stifled this week as I stay extra busy juggling my kids, work, and home. I did get this little beauty from my Etsy shop shipped out today though! It is a little birthday outfit I made for someones daughter. I hope she loves it! It was fun to make (that's a hair bow attached - not some weird bow tie)! In fact, looks like something I would love to wear on my birthday next month. Hmmm... do 37 year olds look OK in tutus? ;) I think so.

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  1. Of COURSE we do!! :D Very cute tu-tu! Love the layers. And the shirt is fit for a "beauty" of a birthday girl, she will love it!! The sliver reminds me of a birthday girl sash my sweet little niece gave my 3 yo to wear for her bday!
    Did you tear up a little on the first day? I did after I dropped my daughter off for her 1st day of Kindergarten, the reality just hit me! She is in 2nd grade now, this year she rode the bus on her first day. I waited until it rounded the corner... ;)


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