Monday, September 21, 2009

A Place for My Dog Toys

My little furry dude was feeling blue because both kids have fancy toy boxes and his was just so plain. Look at that face - he obviously felt like he got the short end of the stick. Even though he does have his own little recliner... I mean - really... the galvanized metal bowl (score for like 6 bucks at Home Depot) is nice... but it needed something more. And because I am a good mom - be it to kids or dogs - I obliged. I used some sponges from the dollar store, cut little letters out to spell his name, glued toothpicks as holders (not necessary, but made them cool looking) and fancied it up a little by sponge painting his name to his toy bowl!

TA DA! Now - every one knows that these toys are for MIGHTY! His full name is Mighty Boy - but this works. ;)

Hope Mighty Boy doesn't mind I'm linking up to Creative Cats. ha ha ha.


  1. Ha ha!! I'm sure Mighty Boy is totally offended to be on Creative Cats. You are such a good doggy mom!! What a cute little place to hold all his toys! Thanks for playing today!!

  2. What a LUCKY dog to have such a sweet momma!! He is a cutie! I love those pans!

  3. HEE HEE! I love that his name is Mighty! Cute idea!
    Found you VIA Poppies@Play!

  4. Let me know if you have any questions. (Wavy Hair)

  5. Mighty is mighty cute!!! And I love your creative idea for him :)

  6. Very cute. If you are ever in need another aluminum pan of that nature check Tractor Supply Company if you have on nearby. I paid $3 and some change for mine that I use in my barn.


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