Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Trash to Treasure Coffee Can

Life has been busy. I have some big projects in mind that I hope to share soon (valances, closet reorganization, painted dresser) but in the meantime I have just been trying to catch my breath since getting the kids started at school and soccer and everything else that seems to pop up.

Yesterday my son had to stay home from school because of a little cold. So - as he drew pictures at the kitchen table - I tried out my new silver contact paper. It's FUN. I want to cover everything in silver now! But, knowing my husband would think I lost my mind...I just spruced up my little coffee station. I've had this coffee container for several months and keep refilling it because it is a convenient shape, size and my three year old can open it (she loves to make her momma coffee and I'm not going to discourage it). So, to make it a more attractive permanent fixture on my counter top - I covered it with silver contact paper, a paper bag label, decorative paper on top, and some mod podge to seal the label. So easy and silly - but a fun little project to do while my son did his thing - and it got rave reviews from my personal barista daughter this morning.
My reusable coffee container
All spruced up with it's silver self. Notice the matching cinnamon?
This is a view of the whole area a couple months ago before I also redid the mail spot and medicine spot.
See? Looking better! I love getting things organized, a little cuter and simpler. A little change goes a long way in making a busy household feel manageable!

Linking up to Poppies at Play to give you a chance to see some way more creative projects! Also, for some impressive Trash to Treasure - check out Reinvented!


  1. It looks great!! I have a ton of Crystal Light containers that I use in my sewing room to hold buttons, and trims and such!! Boy I sure feel smart when I get stuff organized for "almost" free...don't you!! :D

  2. Wow! It looks awesome! So clean and refreshing.. Love the silver spruciness. I hope your son is feeling better!! Thanks for the link!!

  3. I know what you mean by just making a little change that makes things work better..

    I worked on my potting table outside today, and made room for my husband's bbq stuff, and he is out there making dinner is his spruced up area. Yippee!

  4. I LOVE that silver contact paper! Where did you find it? I ordered some chalkboard contact paper today, and can't wait to use it.

  5. FUN! I love how you and G both had your craft projects! :) It looks great!

  6. It is the little things that really make a difference. I have seen some exhibits at the zoo and also at IKEA where they are showing a typical pantry but all the boxes are painted white so all you see is their shape and not all the labels. I love that. So much easier on the eyes.

  7. It looks great! I feel the need to break out my paper too :)


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