Friday, February 19, 2010

My cute little table

I came upon this old sewing table at the Goodwill right after we moved. I was pretty sure my husband would think I was insane if I came home with more furniture after we just finished moving into a smaller house and have a garage full of junk that doesn't have a place in said house. However, we really did need a place for our TV in the den (our other house had some built-in shelves that held this tv). Soooo - I grabbed this little dude for ten dollars. I brought it right home and cleaned it up, removed the HEAVY old sewing machine, and painted it my favorite black color. It was done before he even got home - and sat for quite I will before he noticed it. ;)

I ended up doing some sanding on the edges to "distress" it because I scraped it up putting the TV up on top of it. Our big, old (because I think 4 years is old for a tv these days) TV is even heavier than that old sewing machine was. This little table also got new brushed silver hardware that I had on hand. I, personally, LOVE this little table. The big, old TV... that's a different story. I'm envisioning a cute little flat screen up here... but one hasn't turned up at the Goodwill yet. ;)

I'm linking up to Creative Cats Friday @ Poppies at Play!


  1. I love to make something like that work for you! Great job I love black. So classic.

  2. Great idea for a TV cabinet! I love how it turned out!


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