Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ottoman slipcovers!

I bought two of these little red ottomans at Target a few years ago. They've been great because they serve as a storage place for toys in the living room (the tops unzip) - and as ottomans. Well, they've been SO well-used that they had become very "well-used" looking.

Check out the close-up. GROSS.

So - I sewed little slip covers and they have another few years left in them! I could tell you all the parts I would do differently next time - but that may take away from their charm. ;) I will say I wish I had made the top portion a little bigger so that the covers would be easier to put on and off. But, they do work and look much nicer! Not to mention I was so sick of the red after having red couches and these red ottomans for a few year. Notice the black couch in the back? Used to be red. A post for another day. ;)


  1. Very NICE!! They actually look a little taller with the different colors!! Great job!!

  2. I'm lovin' the style of these awesome slipcovers...they look outstanding!Hope you have a FUN weekend:)



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