Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Handmade Baby Gift

My husband's cousin and his wife are having a baby. They registered for a very cute bedding collection Crib Set - which they have received. We don't live near them but will be seeing them this week. After looking through the options online... I was thinking of getting this lamp, which goes with the collection. I love the color combo of this collection. However - that just seemed too easy. You know, to buy something. Or to use their registry. ;)

So, I took this unstained, window pane style mirror and fancied it up to match their Migi Splash collection!

I ended up painting inside the frame on the glass a little to give the white trim a thicker appearance. Then, I used cutout contact paper as stencils for the fish. These were the hardest part - at one point an entire fish pealed off when I went to remove my stencil. Definitely remove tape while the paint is still wet.

The little fishing pole is actually a chopstick painted white with some craft rope as the line. The hook is real. I'll warn the cuz's not to let baby play with this. ;) The rest of the decorating was done with small sponge brushes.

We don't know the sex of the baby yet - but once we find out... I feel a fish-themed onesie of some sort coming on. I'm waiting though - because if it's a girl - she's going to need some pink and a matching bow.

I'm linking up to DIY at Kimba's Blog: A Soft Place to Land. Click the button before this post... or just go here and check out tons of cool projects.


  1. Very nice idea! Blessings to you!

  2. Popping in from Kimba's. Great idea and super cute!

  3. Love the little fishing pole. Great idea. I'm sure they will love it.

  4. That is incredibly cute and way more fun than something from a registry!

  5. So very cute! What a creative idea. Thank you for sharing!


  6. WoW!! Thanks for leaving me a comment...I have now added you to the ppl I learn from, because you have got some mad skills going on in Tennessee!! I really like your style and how you put stuff together. Really cute idea!


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