Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Post without Pictures

A post without pictures on a creative ideas blog is a little lame. However, I don't want anyone to think I've completely lost my mojo and am not busy creating and getting ready to share. I haven't. And I am.

To update on a few things. If you hang a cork board in your bathroom (like I showed here) to organize your jewelry, either a) secure it with something heartier than sticky tabs or b) do not hang it on a wall near the toilet. It is not fun at all to walk into the bathroom and see all of your jewels (yeah, right) in the toilet. My recently sanitized jewelry is now hanging on the other side of the bathroom in a FRAMED cork board which is nailed to the wall.

In other news - my little sister came to town and on the way to my mom's house we stopped by a thrift shop that this blogger has written about (in fact I'm linking to a post from this week where she found a lamp at the store). It was very cool - and huge (although all I scored this time was a one dollar leather purse) and then another little store in the same town caught my attention. I can't wait to return and do some actual treasure finding. The other store had shutters, cabinets, old stools, chairs, beds - and more. I just had no time to make thoughtful purchases. And no money either come to think of it.

Finally - I'm VERY excited that a friend has asked me to help her with some owl themed bedding for her nursery. She's due in November so we'll get started soon. I love all the owl stuff this season and I'll be posting pictures soon.

So - that's it. My post without pictures. But I'll be back soon with something to show... I just haven't decided what yet.

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