Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Transformation of our little stool

This little stool has been in the family for a long time. I can remember it at my grandparent's house years ago - it was just one of those things that was always there just sitting in the living room, so when she offered it up for grabs... I grabbed it! However, the fabric it was covered with had seen better days and lately the trim started falling off and little upholstery tacks had been coming loose. Luckily, none of these tacks ended up in any little feet around here - but I was afraid it was just a matter of time.

My re-doing of the stool was done with what I had on hand and it is definitely a more casual look, which works with our home. The top is a fabric that I had from some old curtains - and the trim is a pretty little print I bought at the beginning of the summer and hadn't used for anything yet. I like how it turned out - and I didn't even get out the spray paint. I just couldn't paint the little guy - I was afraid it would look too different - and fade the memories I have of it in my grandparent's house.

And because nothing "just sits" around this house - it is placed directly below the chore board so that my son can reach the chalk to mark off his accomplishments. ;)

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  1. That is all dressed up and ready to go! What a cute way to make it into a wonderful piece! I love the fact that you have an actual purpose for it. Using things we love is the best way to enjoy our homes.

    Thanks for joining me today.

  2. FABulous! I absolutely love the style of that stool!

  3. Nice little update, but totally keeping the original shining through! Good job, I really like the trim!


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