Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For Little Boys

I'm the mother of a young boy and I've noticed that it is more difficult for me to come up with fun things to make for him than it is for me to come up with things to make for my daughter. I have never been one to dress my children (especially my son) in fancy clothes. I steer away from smocking or johnny suits (is that what they're called?) for little boys. Just my personal taste.

I made a snake shirt last year that was a hit. And I've done a couple other things for little guys - but this spring, I really want to expand to include more boy items.

While running a little bit ago, I came up with three t-shirt ideas (some of my greatest inspiration comes while running - and I recently lost my iPod, which I think is only helping me). I'm excited... I think I will use a Hancock gift card I've been hanging on to to order some fabric. I would love to hear ideas from other people if you have any. What type of handmade clothing would you like for your little boy?

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