Monday, February 9, 2009

The Plan

So, I'm planning and hoping to morph this blog into more than just a place to post my new sewing projects. I would like to add tutorials - and put a focus on crafts and projects that can involve your children. This won't just include sewing (although it really is so much easier than people realize and it will have this), I envision it including other art forms, crafts, cooking, children's literature... basically sharing creative ideas for parent-child togetherness.

I have friends who homeshool, friends who have pre-school age children home each day, and friends (more like myself) who work full-time and look for new ways to have quality time with your kids when you are together.

I want to develop this blog into a place where I can share my ideas - and have other parents build on these ideas through comments, etc. I'm brainstorming some weekly themes. It will be a work in progress. It's not in my nature to be extremely organized or structured, but I'm going to try my best to have some sort of plan and routine with posting here to hopefully draw some regular readers!

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