Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ooh - A Diaper Clutch

It started with an idea and the right materials on hand... and ended up just as I envisioned (which is great because anyone who sews or does any crafts knows that this isn't always the case).

The finished product is a Diaper Clutch. I am notorious for leaving the house without diapers or wipes. Even though I have been a mother for over 5 years now. I think it's because I've never enjoyed the bulk of a diaper bag. So - now I have a quick convenient clutch with a couple diapers and a handful of wipes - that can even serve as a changing pad. Check out the Etsy Listing to see it in action.

Two things I will note: 1) This is not the first time I've used a thick cotton cloth diaper as the start of a project. I love those things! 2) Snaps and the required snap tools that come with them, are kind of a PITA. But, they are convenient and nifty once done. ;)

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