Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our "Love"ly Kid-Friendly Meal

This is a quick and VERY simple meal to make with your kids.
We start with plain tortillas.

For Valentine's Week we cut them into heart shapes, not wanting to waste anything we just cut the outer layers into small pieces and put them on top.

My kids (especially my son) like things PLAIN. So, they topped theirs with just mozzarella cheese this time. We also do pepperoni and sauce sometimes. I added feta cheese, spinach and some spices to mine (daddy working late this night - no pizza for him!)

Just bake at about 350 for 10 minutes. The finished product was scrumptious as always! With some fruit on the side and maybe some carrot sticks for the kids - you have a quick, well balanced and fun meal.


  1. That's one of our favorite kid meals too!
    Thanks for stopping by the Lola Nova Blog, I love your appliques, the whale and snake are darling.


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