Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Revamping, Reusing, Recycling

How do you demonstrate to your children the concept of waste reduction? I know most of us talk about recycling plastic bags and bottles, etc. ~ but what about less obvious ways? The outfit I posted in the last post is a flimsy example...but it is a way I reused something that could have just been stuck away in a box until next year, or even thrown out. After I posted it - I started thinking about how else I am being resourceful and creatively reusing, revamping or recycling items in our every day lives. The best way we can teach our children is to lead by example.

In that spirit - here are a few other projects around the house that are getting us thinking about revamping, reusing and recycling!

  • I just went through my daughter's closet. We are very lucky to have two nieces each a little older than my daughter. We get LOTS of hand-me downs. Most of her other clothes I make (I know, this will probably only fly until she's about 9 or 10). But, with good care many of the clothes still have life in them when the third child has outgrown them. We sorted together (which is fun and spurs memories and talks of how much she has grown) and came up with a box of clothes to donate to our American Vets and a box to take to an upcoming consignment sale. We talked about donations and giving to others and also about working hard to save and make money. (Side note... the sorting of the styles, sizes, seasons of clothing was actually a great activity for my five year old to take part in too. Categorizing is right up his developmental alley.)

  • Next, I am cleaning and revamping my office and sewing supply area. This is a CHORE. Our current space in the house is not exactly an ideal setup for my sewing... however, with some creativity and using what I already had on hand - I've made some great progress. I'll post before and after pictures. One of my favorite things... I used a little wooden horse stable toy that my daughter doesn't use to store a lot of my tiny items for sewing. I tried to entice my son into sorting all my pins and buttons and such for me, but he drew the line.

  • The cleaning of all my sewing items resulted in the discovery of some t-shirts that I had started to use for my little Guatemala tops I make (yes, that beauty is my daughter;) ) and then found that they ran too small for the size I needed. So, instead of throwing them out - I have used them for the basis of a new spring outfit! I kept hanging on to them thinking I needed to just get rid of them... and then it hit my that I could rework them into something really cute! Pictures coming soon!

Some other every day ways we try to reuse...

  • Save all egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls - this make great craft basis'.
  • Buy the reusable grocery totes! If you haven't done it yet - do it - or make one. They're easy. Or just search on Etsy... here, I'll get you started!
  • Refill water bottles - or just buy a big pitcher.
  • Save cardboard boxes. They make great forts, cages... the possibilities are endless.

So, please are you demonstrating to your kids the art of finding new uses or even just re-uses for old things?

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  1. I love to reuse beads and turn them into something new! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!


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