Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Revamping of a Product

I have turned a cute Valentine's Tank that I hadn't sold into a whole spring/summer outfit. I love how it turned out. The skirt has a stretch soft cotton waiste (see more pics here) that enables it to be pulled right on. I'm trying to do almost everything with no snaps, buttons, or zippers (CPSIA reasons). This turned out so cute that I'm sending this one to my niece. She is three and is going to be a big sister in a few months. I have a blanket that I made for my nephew that I haven't mailed yet because I wanted to put something in the package for Audrey. This will be perfect.

I plan to make some more skirts and coordinating tops in this same still. The style is great because the skirts and a ruffle on the shirt do not take up much fabric - being very cost efficient - but still so cute. I'll probably add some appliques out of patterned fabric on some of the tops, rather than the rick rack (which I LOVE but you gotta keep things mixed up!)

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